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Aims and Scope

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ISSN 2631-2301 (Online )

              ISSN  1016-0582 (Print )

Banko Janakari (BJ) Journal for forestry information of Nepal is an online journal published in english countinuously since 1987.The aims of BJ is to published peer reviewed research,review articles and short notes in the field of forestry science like wildlife,botany soil conservation,socio-economics studies,medicinal plat,environment, biodiversity. BJ is online journal full acess to the research and review paper,all articles after approval from editorial board shall be published.

The main aims of Journal is to promote the forestry sector research and development.The scope of the journal includes the following branches:

 1. Forestry  2.Wildlife  3. Botany 4. Soil Conservation 5.Socio-economics Studies  6.Medicinal Plant 6.Environment 7. Biodiversity

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